Health Shelf® for Wellcomplete®

Improve Health with Resources that Educate and Motivate

Give Participants the Power and Desire to Change

Give Participants the Power and Desire to Change

Making lasting changes in your health and lifestyle habits requires know-how. Engage your participants in positive lifestyle changes with Wellcomplete Health Shelf. Health Shelf is an engaging health education and self-management tool designed to empower your population to make choices that can improve the physical, emotional, and social aspects of their lives.

NCQA Certified Self-Management Tool

Health Shelf meets the requirements for NCQA certification as a self-management tool. This certification reflects our commitment to incorporate the latest evidence-based research into all our wellness tools. 

Self-Serve Resources to Help Your Population Understand and Improve Their Health and Lifestyle Habits

Improve health with engaging resources

Health Shelf is filled with articles, how-to guides, trackers, challenges, recipes, knowledge checks, and self-assessments. These tools motivate participants to maintain health, prevent disease, and reduce the risk of existing health problems. This in turn creates healthier populations, and reduces the cost of care.

connect daily habits to healthY outcomes

Content within Health Shelf inspires participants to make new and healthy choices every day—and gives them the resources they need to follow through. They can easily browse our library for topics that interest them the most, and every resource is evidence-based and scientifically sound, written at a respectful and engaging fourth-grade health literacy level. 

Health Shelf Content Includes:


Quick reads that deliver relevant health information based on current research.

How-to Guides

Walk members through how to achieve a specific health or wellness goal.


Logging tools to help increase awareness of key health behaviors.


Month-long opportunities to practice healthy habits. 


Healthy, easy-to-prepare dishes that don’t cut back on flavor.

Knowledge Checks and Self-Assessments

Short tests and quizzes to learn more about key health topics.