Enrollment in a Medicaid plan through the Health Insurance Marketplace, a broker, or even state agency doesn’t guarantee someone will get the care they need. Why not? Take a closer look at Medicaid participation for your population. You’ll likely notice that enrollment doesn’t always mean engagement. For example, just because someone receives a Medicaid card in the […]

It’s no secret that people have a hard time sticking to a diet or exercise plan long-term. However, focusing on short-term goals can help people change, develop healthy habits, and improve health outcomes. And it’s been the model for our monthly Health Challenges. Wellsource recently received a gold-level Aster Award for its monthly Health Challenges […]

Total well-being approach to wellness gaining traction What’s the bottom line? It’s the kind of straight-to-the-point question you would expect from a CEO, especially about spending money on wellness programs and incentives. The recurring question echoed in boardrooms and budget meetings across corporate America even prompted a team of Harvard researchers to dig up a […]

District court rules in favor of mandatory participation Chalk up another “win” for employers in the latest legal battle involving wellness programs. Over the last few years, we’ve seen a number of high-profile employers up the ante on their wellness program requirements. From requiring completion of a health risk assessment (HRA), running all staff through […]

Wellness programs provide employees and employers with a variety of helpful resources necessary for improving the overall health and lifestyle of the company as a whole. Companies can customize programs as needed, choosing from a variety of tools, health assessments, reports, educational materials, and more. The importance of mental health in particular is illustrated here […]

There are many ways for a company to make their employees healthy and happy. One cost-effective way to do this is to make a wellness program available for all employees. By implementing a wellness program, an employer is more likely to retain employees, as well as to increase productivity. This saves employers time and money. […]

Is your wellness program raising your blood pressure? Developing initiatives, administering a health risk assessment, and encouraging participation can be challenging. Here’s what the most successful wellness programs include, according to research by the American College of Sports Medicine. Strong Top Management Support – program support from executive-level champions. Employee Ownership and Involvement – wellness […]

One of the main benefits of employee wellness programs for businesses is that they have the potential to save lots of money. Those businesses that haven’t instituted wellness programs tend to look at the cost of doing so, but overlook the ways that those same programs can help them save far more money, time, and resources […]

Part of a good workplace wellness program is finding ways to improve memory. Memory retention is an important part of life, work, and normal brain function, and can be improved by: Getting enough sleep – Lack of sleep can have a negative impact on memory retention, creative thinking, problem solving, and overall brain function. If […]