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Wellsource Blog

  • Wellworks For You Selects Wellsource as Health Risk Assessment Solution Provider

    Wellsource HRA has Proven Track Record of Providing Quality Health Risk Assessments and Superior User Experiences Wellworks For You, a corporate wellness management company, today announced that they have chosen Wellsource, Inc. to provide quality health risk assessments (HRAs) as part of their suite of comprehensive wellness program solutions. Wellworks For You has a longstanding focus on high touch customer service and providing customized corporate wellness solutions, and found a likeminded partner in Wellsource, a company with over 40 years’ experience in developing high quality HRAs that help to improve health outcomes and reduce costs associated with chronic conditions.

  • Wellsource Proves Commitment to Quality, Excellence by Achieving NCQA Certification for the 12th Consecutive Year

    Wellsource, Inc. is proud to announce that we have received certification for our health risk assessment (HRA) solutions from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) for 12 years running. This achievement highlights our commitment to developing quality products that help organizations improve health outcomes.

  • Upcoming Webinar: High Quality Population Health Programs Require High Quality HRA Data

    One of the best ways to ensure the success of your population health programs is to create targeted initiatives and interventions. Ignoring the unique and specific needs of your population will likely lead to low engagement, participation, and success rates.

  • How Much Does a Health Risk Assessment Cost?

    One of the things I love most about my job is the face to face (or videoconference camera to videoconference camera) time I get with population health professionals, learning about their challenges and discussing opportunities for a quality health risk assessment (HRA) within their programs.

  • HRA: A Critical Measure of Health and Wellbeing Program Success

    When it comes to designing, deploying, and maintaining a wellness program, one of the most critical aspects is understanding your population. In the initial stages, you might be able to get away with creating a reasonably generic program. Still, to effectively distribute it and modify it to meet your population’s evolving needs, you’ve got to have the right data on hand. Enter the Wellsource Health Risk Assessment (HRA). In this post, we’ll take a look at what information you need to successfully maintain your wellness program and provide you with a real-life example of the Wellsource HRA in action.

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