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2022 Benchmark Report: The State of Population Health and Wellness

We analyzed more than 50,000 Health Risk Assessments to learn more about health risks, lifestyle factors, and mental and emotional challenges. How do you compare?

Social Determinants of Health and HRA Data

Explore what HRA data can reveal about the way people eat, live, grow, play and work in this executive summary of the Wellsource original research.

Wellactivate™ Health Assessment Generates $1.39M in Total Charges

Wellsource and Welltok partnership empowers new and returning patients to find the care they need. Learn how a regional health system drove patient volume for their cardiovascular service line.

Editable Templates to Promote Your HRA

Create an engaging campaign for your health risk assessment. Download the free editable poster and FAQ templates to get more engagement with your HRA.

Virginia Health Center Bariatric Program

Learn how one hospital center increased patient visits and delivered clear ROI with a condition-specific HRA.

National Health Observance Months

Boost patient acquisition with National Health Observance Months: a 5-step strategy to ensure a winning approach to health awareness month marketing campaigns.

13 Patient Acquisition Strategies During COVID-19

In the early months of the pandemic, patients were told to stay home. Now, how do you get them to come back? This guide includes tips to welcome new patients engage existing patients.

HRA Data Reveals Effects of COVID-19

We reviewed HRA results from more than 4,200 individuals who completed a Wellsource HRA before and during the COVID-19 pandemic. Explore the data with us to learn how the pandemic has—or has not— affected self-reported health and lifestyle habits.

Annual Data Review: Social Determinants of Health

What can Health Risk Assessment data tell us about the social determinants of health within a population?

Ultimate Guide to Health Risk Assessments

NEW 2022 EDITION: What is a health risk assessment? Why are they important? Download our comprehensive guide to find out everything you need to know about health risk assessments.

HRA Data to Increase Medicaid Engagement

Explore 5 strategies for using HRA data to better segment and engage your Medicaid population.

Understand and Control the Cost of Chronic Conditions with Health Risk Assessment Data

A health risk assessment (HRA) is the first step in reducing costs associated with chronic disease. It collects insightful information about a population to inform targeted risk reduction efforts.

Annual Data Review: Happiness, Habits, and Health

What habits and behaviors do the happiest people display? What lifestyle factors are associated with mental health? Download our annual data review to learn how to help your population be happy and mentally healthy.

Checklist: Choosing the Right HRA

Complete our checklist to determine whether the vendors you’re considering meet must-have HRA requirements for your population health program.

The Value of Self-Reported Population Health Data

Explore why self-reported data is essential for population health initiatives, and how you can be assured that the information you collect will provide the necessary insights to create impactful wellness programs.

Moda Health Case Study

Learn how an Oregon-based health plan went digital to increase efficiency and engagement for their healthcare portal.

Bravo Wellness Case Study

Bravo Wellness had specific requirements in mind when searching for a health risk assessment. Download this case study to learn how Bravo found an HRA that was lifestyle-focused, NCQA-certified, and had the ability to integrate with their data and platform.

Health Literacy Guide

A key component of inspiring engagement with your patients or plan members is to make sure that your communications are easy for them to understand. Download this free guide to learn ways to improve health communications.

Checklist: HRA for Telehealth

Evaluate if your HRA can scale to serve a growing telehealth population.

Readiness to Change: Motivate Positive Health & Lifestyle Habits

Learn about the principles and stages of readiness to change, and how this model can help you offer a more targeted wellness program that engages your entire population in a sustainable way.

Welltok Case Study

A large state employer with 37,000+ employees partnered with Welltok to build a health and wellness program that centered on administering a Wellsource HRA. The results speak for themselves.

HRA Engagement Toolkit

Templates & Tips to Kick Off Your HRA Program and Engage Your Population from the Start.

Emerging Trends for Wellness Programs

Promoting collaboration, community, and a whole person perspective. Download this quick look at the latest trends in wellness programs.

Creating a Culture of Health

What do you need to create a culture of health in your population? Download this guide for tips from the seasoned pros at Wellsource.

Health Risk Assessment: Buy or Build?

The choice between building or buying software is a decision many executives may have to make. This same question exists for health risk assessments (HRAs) too.

30 Ways to Encourage Wellness

Looking for fresh ideas to boost your wellness program? Download and pin this list to your bulletin board.

10 Reasons to Outsource Your HRA

You recognize the value of an HRA. But should you try to build your own? Check out the Top 10 Reasons to Outsource Your HRA.

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