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Wellsource provides evidence-based health risk assessments for your workforce, Medicare and Medicaid populations. WellSuite® HRA tools capture and display data in easy-to-understand formats. Our HRAs identify risk factors for preventable disease and measure participants’ readiness to change. With this information, you can focus and prioritize resources to yield better outcomes and reduce costs.



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Our NCQA certified, evidence-based health risk assessments connect securely into your existing wellness platform or EHR, offering an engaging experience that moves individuals seamlessly through their wellness journey. You’ll have access to aggregate reporting as well as raw data, so you can create your own custom reports whenever and however you want them. We securely store your data, but you always own it.



Self-reported data: A window into behaviors and feelings.

Can we trust that people are going to be honest when you ask them how many minutes of physical activity they do each day? Or if they floss? What about drinking alcohol? Biometrics tell only part of the story, so how can you minimize bias in self-reporting?
If you missed the webinar presented by Dr. Brittany Carter, now you can download a video of the presentation here.



White Papers


Ultimate Guide to HRAs

The Ultimate Guide to Health Risk Assessments

What is a health risk assessment? Why are they important? Download our comprehensive guide to find out everything you need to know about health risk assessments.


2018 Data Review: Happiness, Habits, and Health

What habits and behaviors do the happiest people display? What lifestyle factors are associated with mental health? Download our annual data review to learn how to help your population be happy and mentally healthy.

Choosing an HRA guide

Choosing a Health Risk Assessment

How do you choose the best health risk assessment to serve your population? Download our free guide that looks at six points you should consider.

Choosing an HRA Checklist

Checklist: Choosing the Right Health Risk Assessment

Some health risk assessments are better than others. Download this checklist to compare the vendors you have in mind.

CMS Patients First Value-Base Care

4 Ways to Achieve Value-Based Care

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) insists that healthcare professionals need to put their patients first. Are you in tune with your patients?
Download the eBook

New Blood Pressure Guidelines

What Wellness Professionals Need to Know: New Blood Pressure Guidelines

Catch up on everything you missed at our webinar regarding the AHA/ACC changes to blood pressure guidelines.
Download the summary

Readiness to Change

Change Readiness: The Critical Component to Wellness Engagement

What steps do you need to take to move your population through the complete cycle of readiness to change? Download this guide for insight into helping your population make healthy changes.

Creating a Culture of Health

Creating a Culture of Health

What do you need to create a culture of health in your population? Download this guide for tips from the seasoned pros at Wellsource.

Emerging Trends in Wellness

Emerging Trends for Wellness Programs

Promoting collaboration, community, and a whole person perspective. Download this quick look at the latest trends in wellness programs.

30 Ways to Encourage Wellness

30 Ways to Encourage Wellness

Looking for fresh ideas to boost your wellness program? Download and pin this list to your bulletin board.

Health Literacy Guide

Health Literacy Guide

A key component of inspiring engagement with your patients or plan members is to make sure that your communications are easy for them to understand. Download this free guide to learn ways to improve health communications.

Annual Wellness Visit

Guide to the Annual Wellness Visit

Never before has identifying risk factors for the Medicare population been as important as it is now. Download this free guide to learn effective ways to utilize a Health Risk Assessment for seniors.

Medicaid Engagement Strategies

Increase Medicaid Engagement

Medicaid enrollment doesn’t always mean available health benefits will be used. Download our free guide to learn how Medicaid plans and health providers from Alaska to Massachusetts are successfully engaging their Medicaid beneficiaries with innovative strategies.

EEOC Incentive Rules

Legal Update on Wellness Incentive Rules

How much of an incentive, or penalty, can a company attach to taking an HRA before it’s no longer “voluntary”? If you offer wellness incentives to your employees, you will want to read this legal update.

CMS Requirements

CMS Requirements for the Health Risk Assessment

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have outlined requirements for Health Risk Assessments. Download this free list CMS Requirements for the Health Risk Assessment to learn more.




Medicare infographic

Infographic: Booming Boomers & Medicare Enrollment

Baby boomers are enrolling in Medicare in record numbers. Download this infographic to see the impact on healthcare costs and what to do about it.

Blood Pressure Infographic

Infographic: The Elevated Costs of High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure costs more than you think. Download this infographic to calculate just how much this chronic disease is costing you.


Case Studies


NCQA Case Study

NCQA Case Study

Ten years of certification from the National Committee for Quality Assurance has several advantages. Download this case study to find out what it means for companies outsourcing their health risk assessment to purchase an HRA with this seal of approval already in place.

Bravo Wellness Case Study

Bravo Wellness Case Study

Bravo Wellness had specific requirements in mind when searching for a health risk assessment. Download this case study to learn how Bravo found an HRA that was lifestyle-focused, NCQA-certified, and had the ability to integrate with their data and platform.

Nebraska Medicine Case Study

Nebraska Medicine Case Study

Through tracking the success of their wellness program, Nebraska Medicine has discovered new ways to motivate and reward their employees. Download this case study to learn how Nebraska Medicine relies on health risk assessment data to improve the health of their population.

SimplyWell Case Study

SimplyWell Case Study

What happens when a health risk assessment helps drive wellness programming? Disease prevention, increased engagement, and a healthier workforce. Download this case study to learn how Nebraska-based SimplyWell leveraged data from the WellSuite® IV Health Risk Assessment.

Engine 2 Case Study

Engine 2 Case Study

Engine 2 Seven-Day Rescue Challenge participants measured results with a Health Risk Assessment. Download the case study to learn how the WellSuite® IV Health Risk Assessment helped Challenge participants track their results.


Product Sheets


HRA for Workforce

WellSuite® IV HRA for the Workforce

Download the WellSuite® IV HRA for the Workforce product sheet.

HRA for Global Workforce

WellSuite® IV HRA for the Workforce (Non-U.S.)

Download the WellSuite® IV HRA for the Workforce (non-U.S.) product sheet.

HRA for Medicare

WellSuite® IV HRA for Medicare

Download the WellSuite® IV HRA for Medicare product sheet.

HRA for Medicaid

WellSuite® IV HRA for Medicaid

Download the WellSuite® IV HRA for Medicaid product sheet.

Health Shelf

WellSuite® IV Health Shelf®

Download the WellSuite® IV Health Shelf® product sheet.

Scientific Validity

WellSuite® IV Scientific Validity

Download the fact sheet on the scientific validity of WellSuite® IV health risk assessments.

Readiness to Change

WellSuite® IV Readiness to Change

Download the fact sheet on the readiness to change capabilities of WellSuite® IV health risk assessments.