Health Risk Assessments for

Wellness Companies

Grow your business with Wellsource health risk assessments

Many chronic conditions are linked to unhealthy choices such as sedentary lifestyle, smoking, and poor nutrition. Well-designed and well-executed wellness programs that include an evidence-based health risk assessment (HRA) can improve health behaviors and reduce health risk for costly and potentially debilitating conditions such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. In fact, the Community Preventive Services Task Force found strong evidence that the use of a health risk assessment that provides feedback improves population health, with or without an intervention program.

74% of large firms offering health insurance benefits also offer a health risk assessment.

Health Risk Assessments for All Your Populations

Whether you work with employers or health plans, you need a health risk assessment that helps you achieve good outcomes for clients. 

Our clients choose us because our HRAs are evidence-driven, intuitive, engaging, and scalable to help them grow their wellness business. They stay because we deliver, so they can too.

Our HRAs can be easily integrated into any platform, provide critical data, and are fast and easy to complete.

Most participants complete our assessments in 13 minutes or less.

WellSuite IV can be used as a stand-alone product, a tightly integrated application, or somewhere in between. Read more about integration…

  • Intuitive interface

    • Our Admin Center is easy for program administrators to navigate.
    • The aggregate Admin Report is highly consumable.
    • The HRA is easy for people to take. Our HRAs gather a lot of useful data in less than 15 minutes.

  • Engaging

    • We consistently receive high usability scores for our user interface.
    • Overall, 92% of individuals who start our HRA complete it.
    • The product demos well, so you can be confident when reaching out to prospects.

  • NCQA certified

    • Using a certified NCQA HRA is essential for wellness companies that work health plans and other organizations that place a high value on quality.
    • Everyone benefits from using an HRA that’s quality has been vetted by NCQA.

  • Evidence driven

    • Our HRAs are grounded in findings from systematic reviews, large-population studies, and well‑recognized health organizations.
    • Our extensive question set lets you collect more data so you can do more.

  • Quality reputation

    • We have a long history of providing quality HRAs.
    • Clients say we’re responsive and easy to work with.
    • We have some of the quickest deployment times in the industry.
    • Our HRAs are a premium value.

  • Customizable

    • We provide a suite of Application Programming Interface (API) methods for any and all customer needs.
      • Use as a stand-alone product
      • Link to the HRA from your own platform (SSO)
      • Integrate into an existing wellness portal (APIs)
      • Deep link to the HRA only (APIs)
    • Clients can add questions anywhere in the HRA.

  • Actionable data that belongs to you

    • When our HRAs identify a health habit or issue that needs improvement, it asks the person if they are ready to make a change.
      • Clients can pull data at any time
      • Use one of our pre-programmed reports
      • Use the detail list to create your own report
      • Take detailed data in and manipulate it with your AI and machine learning programs
      • Trigger client notification systems

  • Convenient

    • Our HRAs are available online from anywhere, at any time
    • They’re scalable too.

  • Secure

    • Our focus on compliance with HIPAA privacy requirements like the HITECH amendments and GINA demonstrate our dedication to quality.

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