Health Risk Assessment Tools for Healthcare Providers

Boost population health and reduce the cost of care.

A Wellsource HRA serves as the first step to an effective wellness and prevention program. Improve the health of your workforce or patient population by using Wellsource tools to predict and prevent costly diseases.

Wellsource products have helped millions of individuals and thousands of organizations identify the risks of costly diseases. By identifying each participant’s readiness to change, we allow you to target effective strategies to improve health outcomes and reduce costs for many preventable chronic conditions.

Increase patient engagement.

Inspire healthy habits to prevent costly disease.

Effective population health and wellness management can only happen when you’re equipped with accurate and informative data. Our Wellcomplete™ Health Risk Assessments are evidence-based and provide you with questions tailored to your adult patient populations. For U.S. providers caring for Medicare enrollees, our Wellcomplete HRA for Medicare meets CMS requirements for Annual Wellness Visits.

Wellcomplete HRAs are built on over four decades of experience. Our questionnaires are the most established and scientifically valid health risk assessments available. Our HRAs and self-management tools meet the most rigorous standards for quality and precision, including those outlined by NCQA. They are fully compliant with HIPAA privacy requirements, including the HITECH amendments and GINA.

Population health starts here.

Provide the foundation to knowledge and action.

Increase patient engagement, improve quality of care, and generate additional revenue with Wellcomplete HRAs. The first step to an effective wellness and prevention program, our reports provide patients with an easy-to-understand view of their health status and risk factors for preventable disease. You’ll improve well-being by analyzing raw data and accessing aggregate reports to easily and trending data so that you can target the best interventions for your patients.

There is an HRA just right for your population.

Our Wellcomplete HRA for the Workforce is available in American English, Castilian Spanish, and North American Spanish. We’ll be glad to discuss additional language or cultural requirements you may have. We provide free training and technical support.

Learn more about Wellcomplete HRAs. Download these products sheets.

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