Health Risk Assessments for Brokers

Add value to your service with an engaging, scientifically valid HRA.

Our health risk assessments and accompanying wellness tools support the goal of improving population health. The evidence-based Wellcomplete™ Health Risk Assessment for the Workforce is NCQA-certified.

Our Wellcomplete HRAs are built on expertise gained over four decades of experience developing wellness tools. Our HRAs are among the most scientifically valid questionnaires for assessing wellness on the market today. Our innovative assessments and self-management tools continue to meet the highest quality standards outlined by the National Committee on Quality Assurance (NCQA). They are compliant with the privacy requirements of HIPAA, including the HITECH amendments and GINA.

Proven Solutions to Manage Rising Costs

Master the health and benefits marketplace.

Rising health costs have an undeniable impact on your clients’ bottom line. Our Wellcomplete Health Risk Assessment for the Workforce allows them to tailor and deliver effective wellness programs and strategies. Empower them with actionable data to reduce absenteeism, boost productivity, and lower healthcare costs.

Wellsource has helped millions of individuals and thousands of organizations identify the risks of costly diseases before they occur. Use Wellsource tools to identify a participant’s readiness to change. This data helps you implement effective strategies that will improve health outcomes and reduce the costs of preventable chronic conditions.

Concise, Yet Comprehensive

Generate valuable data administrators and participants can use.

An intuitive interface and three-dimensional branching logic enable participants to complete the HRA in 15 minutes or less. It provides your clients extensive data to target wellness programs where they can be most effective.  

A visually engaging and confidential personal report shows each program participant their health status and risk factors. The information helps an individual make the connection between their own lifestyle habits and risks for preventable disease. Program administrators can access aggregate reports or raw data to create their own reports and evaluate trends over time.

The Wellcomplete HRA for the Workforce is currently available in American English, Castilian Spanish, and North American Spanish. We’ll be glad to discuss any additional language or cultural requirements you may have. We provide free technical support and training.

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