Health Risk Assessments for Accountable Care Organizations

Claims and biometrics don’t tell the whole story.

Wellsource’s health risk assessments and reporting capabilities deliver valuable data to accountable care organizations. Information on topics like mental health and lifestyle habits give you more data points to use in a prevention program.

Our HRAs identify risk factors, giving you the ability to predict and prevent costly future health problems and improve quality of care. And this can help you achieve value-based payments.

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Get the Big Picture

Insight extends beyond Biometrics.

For population health management to be effective, you’ll need more information than claims and biometric data alone. Our NCQA-certified WellSuite® IV HRAs give you more data points, allowing you to predict risks for preventable chronic conditions that can cause costly hospitalizations. Factors like self-perceived health status, lifestyle habits, social connectedness, mental health, and readiness to change allow you to see the whole story.

Perform deep analysis on your populations at any time. Wellsource gives you access to data 24/7 to manage the health of your populations and to evaluate improvements over time.

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Take Advantage of the Comprehensive WellSuite® IV HRA

Solutions that work with your market segment.

All WellSuite® IV HRAs allow you to focus resources more effectively by measuring each participant’s readiness to make changes to improve their health.

WellSuite® IV HRA for Medicare is a comprehensive assessment at its best. It evaluates all 37 elements identified by CMS and the CDC including social connectedness, nutrition, and ability to perform activities of daily living.

WellSuite® IV HRA for Medicaid is respectfully written at a fourth grade literacy level and meets each state’s requirements for evaluating high-impact elements like socio-economic issues, substance use, and nutrition.

WellSuite® IV HRA for the Workforce is available in multiple languages and focuses on risks for absenteeism, presenteeism, and workplace stress.

WellSuite® IV Health Shelf®, a WellSuite® IV HRA companion, empowers participants to make positive lifestyle changes with interactive quizzes, articles, and healthy recipes.

Our NCQA-certified HRAs and wellness tools inspire confidence across the board. They meet the highest quality standards for health information products, and are compliant with the latest HIPAA privacy requirements including the HITECH amendments and GINA. Organizations seeking NCQA accreditation can automatically receive credit for PHM 4, Elements A through G. All WellSuite® IV HRAs are available online via a secure web-based application, in paper, or over the phone. We provide free technical support and training.