Who We Serve

Thousands of organizations around the world have used Wellsource tools as the first step to improving population health and reducing costs of care. Our health risk assessment products serve a variety of organization types. Wellcomplete™ health risk assessments and self-management tools are developed to meet the unique needs of your workforce or patient population.

Wellcomplete™ fits into your population health management strategy

  • Reduce use of expensive healthcare services. Administer an easy-to-understand HRA and educational resources designed specifically for your workforce, Medicaid, and Medicare populations.
  • Effectively target programs. Understand the health risks – and readiness to change – of your population to provide effective and resource-efficient care plans and services.
  • Spark “a-ha!” moments. Help individuals understand their health status and motivate behavior change for better health and a higher quality of life.
  • Establish baselines. If you can’t measure improvement, you won’t know if your wellness program is effective. Use our HRAs to measure and evaluate outcomes. Data and reports illustrate where your members have improved and document your organization’s overall success.
  • Accommodate diverse needs. Offer an HRA with multiple language options and the ability to add custom questions. Wellcomplete tools are culturally appropriate and written at a suitable health literacy level.

Solutions to meet diverse needs

Today, Wellsource continues to harness the power of technology to create scientific, evidence-based health risk assessment solutions and wellness tools that deliver actionable data so health and wellness professionals can achieve better outcomes and compliance.

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