HRA For Workforce Populations

Improve the health of your employee or patient population

Improve Population Health and Reduce Costs Associated with Chronic Disease

Improve Population Health and Reduce Costs Associated with Chronic Disease

An evidence-based Health Risk Assessment (HRA) is the foundation of a successful population health management strategy. Wellcomplete® for workforce populations is the culmination of forty years of experience developing scientifically valid health risk assessments. It’s also an essential tool for promoting engagement in a wellness program and encouraging participants to take an active role in their health.

Learn how member’s lifestyles impact health and well-being

Raise awareness of health risks and create teachable moments

Educate members with tips and tools to make healthier choices

Implement targeted and cost-effective interventions

Rich data collection and Track progress to measure the efficacy of your programs

Customize the assessment to fit your needs

Case Study: Welltok Client Uses Wellsource HRA to Measure Program Success

A large state employer with 37,000+ employees partnered with Welltok to build a health and wellness program that centered on administering a Wellsource HRA. Learn how they helped their client realize $85,000 in direct ROI from the Wellsource HRA.

Predict and Prevent Chronic Disease

Get the actionable data you need to address health problems in your employee population. Claims and biometric data don’t tell the whole story. An effective health risk assessment gathers the health habit and lifestyle data you need to draw a clear picture of a person’s total well-being—before problems occur.

Wellcomplete for workforce populations helps you take a proactive, rather than reactive, approach:

  • Identify and predict risk factors for preventable chronic conditions.
  • Pinpoint and prioritize the most effective programs and interventions.
  • Lower health care costs for your organization.

Adaptive Design for Personalized, User-Friendly Experience

In less than 10 minutes, participants can complete this dynamic question set—and provides administrators a wealth of information. The interactive design guides users through an intuitive assessment, using branching logic to adjust content with each successive response, so participants only see the questions relevant to them.

  • The evidence-based question set can be completed in less than 10 minutes and produces a wealth of information for the participant, healthcare team, and health plan.
  • The HRA is responsive and can be administered via computer, tablet, smartphone, or paper.
  • Customize the HRA—from logo and color choice, to adding custom questions based on your population’s needs.

Educate and Engage

Personalize programs with tips and tools to address your population’s specific health risks. 

Taking action is key to improving health! Immediately after completing the Wellcomplete HRA, participants have access to the Personal Report and Physician Summary. 

  • The Personal Report briefly describes the impact of each risk factor on their health, and gives an Overall Wellness Score. It uses easy-to-understand language and an engaging format so each participant can see at a glance how healthy they are, areas where they are doing well, and any risk factors for preventable disease.
  • The Physician Summary is designed for participants to take with them to their next medical appointment. This report displays a detailed view of the participant’s answers to the HRA, and includes their readiness to change specific health habits.

Health Education: Self-Management Tools

Health Shelf® picks up where Wellcomplete leaves off, providing informative and engaging health content to participants. It’s the perfect complement to a Wellsource HRA. Our NCQA-certified self-management products:

  • Increase engagement in healthy behaviors
  • Provide actionable steps to motivate healthy lifestyle choices
  • Foster a-ha moments to motivate action

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