WellSuite® IV HRA for the Workforce (Non-U.S.)

Improve the health of your employee population

For four decades, organizations around the world have used Wellsource health risk assessments to improve population health and reduce costs.

The WellSuite IV HRA for the Workforce (Non-US) is the foundation of a successful wellness and disease prevention program. It’s also an essential tool for promoting engagement and encouraging participants to take an active role in their health.

Our HRA can be completed on a desktop, mobile device, or on paper. With the data you can:

  • Learn how members’ lifestyles impact their health and well-being
  • Raise awareness of health risks and create teachable moments
  • Educate members with tips and tools to make healthy choices
  • Implement targeted and cost-effective interventions
  • Track member or group progress to measure the effectiveness of an intervention

Our HRA meets the highest quality standards and adheres to country-specific certifications and requirements as needed. It is highly customizable to fit your needs and can be seamlessly integrated into a wellness portal. Contact us to see how our HRA can bring value to your organization.

HRA screenshot
Wellsource Health Risk Assessment

Download the WellSuite® IV Health Risk Assessment for the Workforce (Non-US) product sheet

Collect Comprehensive Data in Less Than 15 Minutes

Easy-to-use question set assesses health risks

The online assessment has an intuitive interface and branching logic to ensure that the users see only questions that are relevant to them.

Our Health Risk Assessment assesses the following topics:

  • Self-Perceived Health Status
  • Nutrition
  • Biometrics
  • Physical Activity
  • Social & Mental Health
  • Readiness-to-Change Behaviors

All content is written in easy-to-understand language and tested for usability. Available in English, Spanish, and Canadian French. Contact us about other languages.

Educate Your Participants About Their Health Risks

Personal Report and Physician Summary show results of assessment

Personal Report: Participants are shown an Overall Wellness Score and ratings for 7 different health categories. They can see areas where they are doing well and where they can improve. The report helps them make the connection between their lifestyle habits and their risks for preventable diseases. It also provides useful feedback and tips for improving health. Trending data lets the participant see how they are improving from one Health Risk Assessment to the next.

Physician Summary: Participants can also print this report and take it with them to their next medical appointment. It displays a more detailed view of the participant’s answers to the HRA, and includes their stage of readiness to change. This allows the healthcare team to home in on key risk factors that the individual is ready to address.

Physician Summary

Prevent Illness with HRA data

Actionable data to address health problems in your population

We provide 24/7 access to raw data on all participants and groups. This actionable information helps you identify and predict risk factors for preventable chronic conditions specific to your populations – and their readiness to change. With this information, you will be able to pinpoint and prioritize the best programs and interventions. The result is lower healthcare costs for your organization.

Read how Fusion HRA uses our Health Risk Assessment to support population health management.

Seamlessly Implement and Integrate into a Portal

We provide technical support and training

Our products are well documented and easy to use. But if you ever need a little help, it’s nice to know that Wellsource in-house staff provides ongoing technical support and product training to all clients.

Read more about WellSuite IV Integration.

Access Data and Customize Your Own Reports

Flexibility of the Health Risk Assessment offers many customization options

The WellSuite IV HRA can be customized with the logo and colors of your organization and the different groups that you manage. We can add custom questions for individual groups and place them anywhere in the assessment that you would like. Data analysts can dig deep into our Detail List Report – or you can look at aggregate detail in the Admin Report to identify and prioritize your wellness initiatives.

Use a Proven, Evidence-based Health Risk Assessment

40 Years Experience Developing Scientifically Valid Wellness Tools

Wellsource has led the industry in delivering scientifically valid, reliable, and innovative health risk assessments. Our HRAs are some of the most established and valid questionnaires for assessing wellness on the market today. They’ve been used in a significant body of scientific research, dissertations, and publications – more than 86 times since 1988.

We keep our WellSuite IV Health Risk Assessment for the Workforce up to date. We continually review the latest research published in peer-reviewed medical journals and look to leading health organizations, such as the National Institutes of Health and the World Health Organization, for their respected and authoritative guidelines. The Wellsource team of doctoral-level health and lifestyle experts is adept at turning research outcomes into evidence-based algorithms. The end result: effective, cost-saving tools for better health.

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WellSuite® IV Health Risk Assessment for the Workforce

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