Wellactivate Health Assessment Generates $1.39M in Total Charges for Regional Health Network's Cardiovascular Program

Partnership with Welltok (a Virgin Pulse Company) Empowers New and Returning Patients to Find the Care They Need

In the wake of COVID-19, a regional health system was looking to re-engage with its current and prospective patients—many of whom had delayed care due to the pandemic. The marketing team wanted to drive more patients to its cardiovascular service line, and at the same time gather more up-to-date clinical data. Their new approach targeted a specific demographic and engaged new prospective candidates: women at risk of developing heart problems or heart disease.

The health system was an existing client of Welltok (now Virgin Pulse), a consumer activation company and Wellsource partner. Welltok and Wellsource worked together to implement an integrated solution that yielded positive results, engaged new and existing patients, and gathered critical data that would further fuel their marketing campaigns.



Total charges generated


Individuals engaged with HRA in two-month period


Patient leads considered at moderate or high risk of AFib

The Solution

The healthcare system’s marketing team was familiar with health assessments as a tool to generate service line volume and knew their value. Yet, the organization’s previous HRA solution was cost prohibitive and had poor integration. After completing an annual review the health system honed its focus to increasing its atrial fibrillation (AFib) service line, and engaged with Welltok to build a solution.

The Campaign

The assessment was quickly launched and integrated with the Welltok platform, and Welltok began promoting it to women ages 55-80 who might be at high risk in the primary service area. To further target women who might be at high risk for heart disease and AFib, the team used self-care messaging as part of the creative campaign, which helped reach the right audience and prompt them to act—resulting in capturing qualified patient leads.

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The Results

The goals were to drive more awareness around AFib and encourage at-risk individuals to connect with the healthcare system’s cardiovascular program. In just the first two months, over 1,000 individuals had engaged with the HRA, and over 500 were deemed qualified leads, based on risk.

Over the course of six months, 75 patients who had engaged with the HRA had a visit within the system’s cardiovascular service line, generating $1.39M in total charges.

About the Wellactivate Atrial Fibrillation Assessment

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 12.1 million people in the United States will have AFib in 2030 (Source: CDC). The Wellactivate assessment for AFib uses the Cohorts for Heart and Aging Research in Genomics Epidemiology risk calculator. The data collected by this assessment helps healthcare marketers and patient coordinators identify eligible individuals who are interested in booking a consultation or scheduling an appointment—a key measure of success for this health system.

Key Factors That Led to a Successful Campaign

High Response Rate = qualified leads

The Wellactivate health assessment is easy to take, which reduces drop-off and results in more responses. The evidence-based question set means the data collected represents vetted, qualified patient leads.

Quick Deployment

The assessment was quickly deployed by the Wellsource team, so there was no delay in collecting the data needed to drive engagement and deliver personalized communication at scale.

Rich Data at Your Fingertips

This campaign targeted women aged 55 to 80 in the targeted geographical area. With the added information gathered by the assessment, the healthcare system can launch more personalized follow-up outreach.

Return on investment

High-intent consumer engagement and campaign tracking through an HRA helps prove program success, improving full-funnel attribution for marketing efforts.

Seamless Data Integration

The Wellactivate solution gathers critical data that is integrated with the Welltok suite, giving program managers a one-stop view of their campaign performance.

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