Condition-Specific Health Assessments to Drive Patient Acquisition & Engagement

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VHC Health Increased Patient Visits and Delivered Clear Marketing Program ROI

The 3-month campaign generated 289 new patient contacts, 81 new patient visits, and 29 bariatric surgeries scheduled within the year.

Drive Patient Acquisition and Engagement Today.

Wellactivate Features

Lighting-fast Assessments Scale With Your Program Needs

  • Low up-front costs make it easy to get started and demonstrate ROI.
  • The Wellsource implementation team guides you through the onboarding process, getting you up to speed and publishing new assessments quickly and efficiently.
  • Harness your existing brand equity for a seamless experience.
  • Customize page branding and content to meet your program needs.

Trustworthy Data Collection and Processing

  • All participant data is 100% encrypted within the database. Data is stored in compliance with HIPAA regulations.
  • Raw data is made available to administrators for deeper analysis.
  • Wellsource adheres to the highest quality standards, as certified by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).

More Than 40 Years of Health Risk Assessment Experience

  • The first computerized Wellsource Health Risk Assessment was developed in 1977. Ever since, the company has led the field in asking the right questions to better understand an individual’s health.
  • Each Wellactivate assessment features an evidence-based question set supported by current research published in peer-reviewed journals and clinical practice guidelines from leading health organizations and government agencies.
  • Behavioral economic theories underline every aspect of the assessment, from how the question is asked, to the user-friendly, intuitive, and mobile-first design. This attention to user experience promotes engagement and encourages higher completion rates.
  • Questions are easy to understand, most written to a sixth-grade reading level.


The Power of Health Data to Fuel Your Marketing Initiatives

Seamless Data Integration for Streamlined Assessments at Scale

Quickly deploy new condition-specific HRAs to collect the data you need to drive engagement and deliver personalized communications at scale.

Gather the Rich Data You Need to Target Your Marketing Efforts

Target the right person, for the right care, at the right time. Use the data to segment your populations for personalized marketing campaigns.

Track Return on Investment

Rich data integrations means better attribution tracking. Keep a record of those initial engagements to inform care down the line.

Why Wellactivate for Patient Activation?

Meet patient acquisition and retention goals

Drive high-value service line revenue

Increase patient engagement

Collect consumer-provided health data

Deliver more personalized care

Meet patients where they're at in their health journey

Target patients actively looking for care options

Foster ”a-ha” moments

Educate and motivate at-risk patients

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Wellactivate generates $1.39M in total charges for cardiovascular program

Empowering new and returning patients to find the care they need.