Health Risk Assessments to Better Understand Your Population

WellSuite® IV helps you identify your population’s health risks and lifestyle habits to improve health outcomes over time, prevent chronic conditions, and reduce health care costs.

WellSuite® IV helps organizations take a proactive approach in identifying and predicting risk factors for preventable chronic conditions specific to your populations. Pinpoint and prioritize the best programs and interventions that will meet participants where they are in their health journey—while reducing health care costs and helping millions of people live healthier lives. 

Explore WellSuite IV Health Risk Assessments for the following populations:


Promote engagement in wellness programs and encourage employees and patient populations to take an active role in their health.


NCQA-certified HRA designed specifically to help clinicians, population health managers, and health plans improve the health and well-being of their age 65+ members.


Predict and prevent future healthcare costs for your Medicaid members by asking targeted questions that meet the complex needs of a Medicaid population.


Understand the needs of an international workforce while taking into account cultural differences and tested for usability. Available in multiple languages and written to be easy-to-understand.