Health Risk Assessments

With so many health risk assessment vendors out there, how do you know which HRA tool to choose?

Wellsource is the most experienced of the health risk assessment (HRA) companies. While we’re proud of the four decades that we’ve been in business, we’re not complacent. We continue to produce innovative, NCQA-certified health risk assessments to health plans, wellness companies, healthcare providersACOsbrokers, and more. Innovation and excellence are two of our core values, and we’ve met the high standards for NCQA Certification for more than 10 years in a row.

NCQA is the “gold standard” for wellness and health promotion products, and Wellsource is proud to have received NCQA certification continuously since 2008. The certification is a testament to our commitment to quality and relentless focus on empowering individuals to enjoy healthy lifestyles.

Web-based Health Risk Appraisal Tool

Population health and wellness professionals use our web-based health risk appraisal tool to identify risk factors associated with lifestyle and health habits. They receive valuable data that helps them map out and implement plans for improved population health – no matter which WellSuite® IV health risk assessment questionnaire they use. Wellsource currently offers the following HRA products:

Our Health Risk Assessment Software Delivers

To help you narrow your search of health risk assessment providers, here’s a quick look at some of the benefits our clients receive when they choose Wellsource for their health risk assessment program.

You can also view our Checklist: Choosing the Right Health Risk Assessment to narrow your search.

Engaging and Effective Tools

  • Predict and prevent disease. Clients use our health risk appraisal tool to identify a participant’s risk factors for chronic disease – and their readiness to change – to target programs and interventions where they’re most likely to be effective. Our health risk assessment software is based on optimal health, and helps prevent illness before it occurs.
  • Engage participants. A unique interface design and dynamic question set guides the participant through a simple, yet comprehensive online assessment. A personal report visually highlights health status, provides valuable guidance and tools for areas of improvement, and illustrates changes in outcomes over time.
  • Address the unique needs of populations. Our health risk assessment tool can be delivered in multiple languages. All of our HRAs take into account cultural differences and health literacy needs. And customers can add custom questions anywhere in any of our health risk assessments.

Powerful Data and Reporting

  • Get better data in less time. Our online health risk assessments are completed in less than 15 minutes on average and produce a wealth of information that connect lifestyle habits to risk factors for chronic conditions.
  • Dig into the data. Wellsource securely stores the HRA data, but our clients own it (unlike some health assessment companies). Clients have around-the-clock access to it and can easily pull reports and integrate the raw HRA data into an electronic health record or internal data system for deeper analysis.
  • Choose from our integration options. Some clients seamlessly integrate the online health risk assessment into their portal or client system. Others choose to implement as a stand-alone tool. Our assessments are customizable Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications with multiple integration options.
  • Feel secure. Wellsource adheres to strict safety and privacy practices. Health assessment companies have an ethical as well as legal mandate to do so. So we constantly monitor and manage the data for security, privacy, and availability. We are compliant with the latest privacy requirements of the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA), including the HITECH amendments, and the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA).

Health Education: Self-Management Tools

The WellSuite® IV Health Shelf® health education tool takes our health risk assessment test one step further, providing informative and engaging health content to participants. It’s the perfect complement to our HRAs. Clients who use our NCQA-certified health risk appraisal and self-management products receive oversite relief as part of the NCQA Health Plan Accreditation process.