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What Is Readiness to Change?

Behavior change takes individual effort. And it won’t happen until a person recognizes the need to change and is willing to put effort into making it happen.
WellSuite® IV Health Risk Assessments (HRAs) use the Transtheoretical Model (TTM) created by research psychologists Drs. James O. Prochaska and Carlo C. DiClemente to identify where someone is in the decision-making process. This behavior change model recognizes that people often have difficulty moving through the cycle.

Change Readiness in the WellSuite IV HRA

The WellSuite® IV HRA assesses which stage of the change journey an individual is in for habits linked to increased health risk, prompting the user with change readiness questions where appropriate.

Here is an example with Physical Activity. The question changes depending on whether or not the user reports a healthy level of physical activity.

Readiness to Change cycle

Physical Activity level is too low:

Physical Activity level is healthy:

Administrative reporting

Readiness to change data empowers wellness professionals to make educated decisions about where their resources will be best spent. Our reports help you zero in on the areas of wellness that you can control so that your time and money have the greatest impact. In the WellSuite® IV Admin Report example to the left, nutrition is overwhelmingly the area that people are ready to change. By focusing program efforts on nutrition, population health managers see better results, including:

  • Increased user participation in wellness programs
  • Improved health outcomes

Wellsource client Nebraska Medicine utilized WellSuite IV Personal Report data and saw a 400% increase in fitness center usage.

“Strategic decisions we make about our wellness program can help people make major lifestyle changes,” says Laurie Wilburn, Director of Total Rewards and Human Resource Operations at Nebraska Medicine.

“Our lifestyle coaches use the readiness to change data we capture through the WellSuite® IV HRA to understand where our members are on the spectrum of readiness to change. By using this feature, we can help move them through the stages through motivational interviewing. We’ve seen more positive outcomes in our coaching programs.” —Elaine Murphy, BS, RN, CHC, Director of Health Strategy