HRA User Experience

A people-centered approach to health technology

Wellcomplete Start Screen
Wellcomplete Start Screen
User Experience by Wellsource Product Line: 

Enjoyable. Informative. Easy. From product development and design, to the way each question is worded, Wellsource products are built with careful attention to user experience. 

Why? Because the Wellsource approach to health extends beyond data collection and identifying risk. Our products create teachable moments, provide invaluable health insights, and can be the catalyst to an individual beginning their wellness journey. Providing a good user experience from the beginning can help ensure an individual is starting off on the right foot. 

But our attention to the ways people use our products doesn’t stop there. User experience is informed by the data we collect, and this work is never done. Our team works to continually improve how users experience our products, and every step in our software development process is founded on data, incorporating feedback from stakeholders and users. 


All Wellsource Products are...

written in simple, Easy to understand terms

Available across desktop, mobile, and tablet devices

intuitive, with a simple design interface

Wellcomplete® User Experience

What is it like for a participant to take a Wellcomplete health risk assessment? Follow along in the video example, as a participant completes the assessment—from work, from home, on her mobile device—and see what she learns along the way.

Excellent user experience helps you gather reliable population health data so you can improve health outcomes. Wellcomplete HRAs are: 

  • Easy to understand, written for audience-appropriate health literacy levels.
  • Built for speed, with branching logic to ensure users are asked only the questions relevant to them.
  • Actionable—participants instantly receive a personalized report upon HRA completion, including health insights, areas for improvement, and follow-up suggestions. 

Across our HRAs for workforce, Medicaid, and Medicare populations, we have seen high completion rates. In fact, over 92% of the people who begin an assessment complete it, and most finish in 10 minutes or less. 

You no longer have to make the choice between capturing comprehensive population health data and making a short, engaging experience for your HRA participants. Wellcomplete is designed to do both. 

High usability standards

Wellsource has a team dedicated to usability testing each year. They measure things like program attractiveness, ease of use, understandability, and overall experience.

Easy to understand, easy to complete

Wellsource HRAs use branching logic to guide participants through an intuitive and interactive question set. Users only see the questions that are relevant to them, which makes for higher completion rates.

Take the HRA anywhere, at any time.

Our HRA is available at any time, any day of the week. Participants can access their HRA, reports, and self-management tools whenever it’s convenient for them. If they don’t have time to finish the HRA in one go, they can end the session and pick up where they left off without missing a beat.

Wellactivate® User Experience

Engage and Acquire Patients

When done right, health assessments for patient acquisition and engagement are an excellent opportunity to begin a patient’s journey…engaging them from the start.

Here are some of the ways Wellactivate delivers an excellent user experience to patients looking for condition-specific care: 

  • Attention spans are shorter than ever—these assessments are short and sweet, designed to be fast and easy to take while still being grounded in evidence-based health standards.
  • Customize assessments to your brand, and harness your brand equity for a seamless experience.
  • Content overlays allow our clients to customize their assessments beyond colors and logos, to updating text and the language used throughout the assessment.
  • Using theories of behavioral economics, each question set is written to be informative, intuitive, and compelling—all to promote engagement and higher completion rates. 
  • Questions are easy to understand, most written to a sixth-grade reading level.

Taking a Wellactivate assessment could be the first experience a patient will have with your brand. Let’s make it a great experience.