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Reports as Unique as Your Population

Reports as Unique as Your Population

Improving health behaviors and wellness outcomes is a big job that’s made easier with the right data. With Wellcomplete reporting, population health managers can access data reports that inform decisions about interventions and approaches.

Wellcomplete licenses include access to 20 built-in data reports for individuals, clinicians, and administrators. Our clients can access these ready-made reports from within the Admin Center, build their own custom reports with advanced data query options, or analyze the data in another system using one of our many integration options.

Anytime Access to Reports

Our clients can access all of their data reports for free whenever they want, as often as they want. They own their data and can create aggregate reports or pull a detailed report for a granular view of all individual data anytime, from anywhere. Or, they can choose to automatically pull individual HRA data directly into their database using Application Programming Interface (API) integration – in real-time.

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Wellsource data holds the key to our success in moving individuals toward healthier lifestyles. Their data reports help us identify individuals who are willing to make needed changes so they can enjoy optimal health.
Wellsource data holds the key to our success in moving individuals toward healthier lifestyles. Their data reports help us identify individuals who are willing to make needed changes so they can enjoy optimal health.

Report on Readiness to Change

Wellcomplete HRAs have a built-in algorithm that determines in real-time an individual’s health status in several important areas:

  • Individuals who need to improve are asked if they are ready to make a change.
  • Individuals who are doing well in a particular area are asked how long they have had that particular healthy habit.


The Readiness to Change Report includes all change readiness data for individuals, and can be downloaded in XLS, XLSX, or XML.

Personal Report for Individuals

The second an individual finishes a Wellsource HRA, they are directed to their Personal Report, a visually engaging report that displays an easy-to-consume overview of their health status, including an Overall Wellness Score,  Health Age, and scores for each key health area, including heart health, cancer, and obesity. This report: 

  • Is color-coded so individuals can see how they are doing at a glance
  • Displays prior scores so individuals are able to understand their health over time
  • Includes suggestions and educational content on how the individual can improve based on the responses they provided


The Personal Report can be downloaded or printed as a PDF by the individual. Administrators can elect to automatically and securely receive a PDF copy of each participant’s Personal Report as soon as the HRA is completed—or generate reports from within the Admin Center.

Physician Summary for Health Coaches & Clinicians

HRA participants receive a detailed Physician Summary report to print and share with their healthcare team at their next appointment.

This report gives a visual snapshot of the individual’s HRA report – including biometric values and lifestyle behaviors that increase risk of chronic disease. Physicians, population health professionals, and case managers use this snapshot to get a picture of the individual’s health at a glance, as well as their readiness to change in key health categories.

The Physician Summary is designed with health professionals in mind, but is simple enough to be understood by many individuals. Sections include:

  • Overall Wellness Score, Health Age, and Demographics
  • Biometrics
  • Readiness to Change
  • Health & Wellness Key Areas Chart
  • HRA Responses

The compact (one-page) online report can be downloaded or printed as a PDF both by individuals and clients. Push Reporting will deliver a PDF of an individual’s Physician Summary to clients as soon as an HRA is completed.

Admin Report

Clients who want to mine Wellcomplete HRA data have many options for reporting, but one of the most popular is the Admin Report, a compact population-wide health profile that includes: 

  • Demographics
  • Top health conditions and the percentage of the population with each condition
  • Exam and vaccine compliance
  • Completion rates
  • Participation rates
  • The health conditions and behaviors the population is most ready to change—including blood pressure, cholesterol, stress, weight, exercise, glucose, tobacco, alcohol, and nutrition
  • Common biometric tests and the percentage of their population doing well or needing to take action
  • Lifestyle or biometric factors for each key area

The Administrator Report also gives percentage breakdowns of the population’s status for lifestyle or biometric factors related to the key area based on Doing Well, Caution, and Take Action metrics. The Administrator Report can be downloaded as a PDF and printed.