Health Risk Assessment Reporting

Quick and easy-to-pull reports with built-in analytics

Improving health habits and wellness outcomes is a big job that’s made easier with the right data. With WellSuite® IV reporting, population health managers can access data reports that inform decisions about interventions and approaches.

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Our lifestyle coaches use the readiness to change data report we capture through the WellSuite IV HRA to meet our members where they are at. By understanding where the member is on the spectrum of readiness to change, we can help move them through the stages through motivational interviewing. By using this feature, we’ve seen more positive outcomes in our coaching programs

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Customizable reports

We understand that different populations have different requirements. That’s why many of our web-based reports can be customized with:

  • Overlays that allow clients to use terms familiar to their population. Example: “Coronary risk” instead of “heart health”
  • Recommendations buttons in the Personal Report that link back to a client-specified program
  • Colors that align with a client’s color palette
  • Logos or other images at the top of reports

Anytime access

Our clients can access all of their data reports for free whenever they want, as often as they want. They own their data and can create aggregate reports or pull a detailed report for a granular view of all individual data anytime, from anywhere. Or, they can choose to automatically pull individual HRA data directly into their database using Application Programming Interface (API) integration – in real time.

Reports as unique as your population

The WellSuite® IV Admin Center includes access to 20 built-in data reports for individuals, clinicians, and administrators. Our clients can access these reports from within the Admin Center. They can also analyze their data with their own queries for unlimited reporting configurations.

For Individuals

Personal Report. HRA results are delivered to individuals in a visually engaging Personal Report. Information is presented in layers to accommodate different attention spans. The individual will see their Overall Wellness Score and Health Age first. This overview can be consumed in seconds.

Next, the Personal Report displays their scores for each key health area, such as heart health, cancer, and obesity. The results are color-coded so individuals can see how they are doing at a glance. Prior scores are clearly visible, allowing individuals to easily identify and understand wellness categories in which they are doing well, as well as areas where behavioral changes can help mitigate risk of preventable conditions. Each key area addresses major contributors to the score and includes suggestions on how the individual can improve. Participants can also view their biometric trends.

The Personal Report is programmed to be delivered online upon completion of the health risk assessment, and can be downloaded or printed as a PDF. An individual can access past reports anytime simply by logging in.

Clients who prefer to present HRA results to individuals during a class or health counseling session, for example, can suppress Personal Report generation at the individual level. Clients can choose to automatically and securely receive a PDF copy of each participant’s Personal Report as soon as the HRA is completed. And they can generate reports from within the Admin Center.

For Clinicians 

Physician Summary. Individuals also have access to a detailed Physician Summary report that they can print and share with their healthcare team at their next appointment. This report gives a visual snapshot of the individual’s HRA report – including biometric values and habits that increase risk of chronic disease. This makes it easy for physicians, population health professionals, and case managers to get a picture of the individual’s health at a glance, as well as their readiness to change in each of the key health categories. This allows healthcare professionals to home in on risk factors that an individual is ready to address.

The Physician Summary is designed with health professionals in mind, but is simple enough to be understood by many individuals. Sections include:

  • Overall Wellness Score, Health Age, and Demographics
  • Biometrics
  • Readiness to Change
  • Health & Wellness Key Areas Chart
  • HRA Responses

HRA responses are shown without evaluation or scoring, so that a medical professional, case manager, or health counselor can evaluate them directly. The compact (one-page) online report can be downloaded or printed as a PDF both by individuals and clients. Push Reporting will deliver a PDF of an individual’s Physician Summary to clients as soon as an HRA is completed.

For Administrators

Administrator Report. Clients can receive overviews of selected population(s), by key area, and by primary influencers within each key area when they pull the web-based Administrator Report. The report gives a compact health profile of a population, including:

  • Demographics
  • Top health conditions and the percentage of the population with each condition
  • Exam and vaccine compliance
  • Completion rates
  • Participation rates
  • The top three conditions the population is most ready to change (e.g., weight, stress, blood pressure)
  • Common biometric tests and the percentage of their population doing well or needing to take action
  • Lifestyle or biometric factors for each key area

The Administrator Report shows the date range used to pull the report and an overall view of HRA completion rates for the population selected. It also shows key statistics at a glance, such as an aggregate overall wellness score, aggregate health age, and summaries of the population’s Health Culture and Health Perception. It also gives percentage breakdowns of the population’s status for lifestyle or biometric factors related to the key area based on Doing Well, Caution, and Take Action metrics. The Administrator Report can be downloaded as a PDF and printed.

Readiness to Change report

Readiness to Change Reports. WellSuite IV HRAs have built-in analytics that determine, in real time, an individual’s health status in several important areas. Individuals who need to improve are asked if they are ready to make a change. Individuals who are doing well in a particular area are asked how long they have had that particular healthy habit. The Readiness to Change Report includes all change readiness data for individuals within the designated population who completed HRAs within the time frame specified. It is downloadable in XLS, XLSX, or XML. Clients can also pull reports that gather data on a single readiness to change factor:

  • Alcohol
  • Blood pressure
  • Blood sugar
  • Cholesterol
  • Nutrition
  • Physical activity
  • Smoking
  • Stress
  • Weight

Completion Report. Clients offering interventions find the Completion Reports to be especially useful. This report provides a snapshot of completed and started but incomplete within specified date range. The report includes contact information for follow-up and is downloadable in XLS, XLSX, or XML.

Demographics Data Report. This report retrieves demographic data for individuals within the designated population within the time frame specified. Demographic data includes name, date of birth, address, email, race, and more. Clients can apply various filters, such as identifying individuals who have not started the HRA. The report is downloadable in XLS, XLSX, or XML.

Biometrics Data Report. This report includes all available biometrics (e.g., health tests, self-reported weight, age) for individuals within the designated population who completed HRAs within the time frame specified and is useful for contacting individuals whose values fell within a specific range. The report is downloadable in XLS, XLSX, or XML.

Wellness Scores Data Report. This report presents the calculated Overall Wellness Score, Health Age, and all Key Area Scores for individuals within the designated population who completed HRAs within the time frame specified. Clients can quickly retrieve a list of individuals within a specific score range. This is useful for administering rewards or initiating interventions. It is downloadable in XLS, XLSX, or XML.

Detail List Report. The Detail List presents raw data that can be pulled into a client’s own system or electronic medical record with software integration. This format is ideal for computer analysis, and is downloadable in CSV or XML. The primary purpose of this report is to allow you to do programmatic analysis of the data, using whatever tools you like. The header row uses our internal database names for each field, while the data rows contain raw, un-enumerated data. For example, the responses to multiple-choice questions are represented as integers, not the fully spelled out answers.

Comprehensive Data Report. This report contains the same complete data as the Detail List, but in human-readable format. This report is useful for data analysis. It is downloadable in XLS XLSX, or XML.

Dig as deep as you want

Clients who want to mine WellSuite IV HRA data using their own parameters can generate multiple reports either from within the Admin Center or from their own database. They can look at a single question or a series of questions from our HRA, find evidence that informs risk, and then use it to estimate risk for obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, cancer, injuries, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), heart disease, stroke, cognitive impairment, fall risk, sleep disorders, and more. And they can create reports with specific date ranges to see changes over time.

Secure, private environment

Clients and their populations can rest easy, knowing that Wellsource follows strict safety and security practices. Whenever data is transferred – whether inbound when an HRA is taken or outbound when a report is generated or data is pulled into an electronic medical or health record – it is encrypted via 2048 bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates issued by a known and trusted Tier 1 Certificate Authority. We use industry standard firewall protections, live Intrusion Detection System, and monthly vulnerability scans to protect our server farm. Our well-documented policies, processes, and procedures require constant monitoring and management of data for security, privacy, and availability, as well as annual security, privacy, and confidentiality training for all employees.

We are compliant with requirements outlined by the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA), including the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act amendments, the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA), the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Annual Wellness Visit (AWV), and the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).

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