NCQA Certification and Health Plan Accreditation

Case Study: Learn how vendors earn NCQA certification, and the value this recognition has brought to Wellsource clients for over a decade running. 

Wellsource Helps Organizations Achieve Health Plan Accreditation

Wellsource Helps Organizations Achieve Health Plan Accreditation

If you are undergoing the health care accreditation process through NCQA or URAC, Wellsource helps you meet the following requirements:

  • NCQA—PHM 4 Element A (Health Appraisal)
  • NCQA—PHM 4 Element B (Self-management Tool)
  • NCQA—PHM 2 Element A Factor 4 (Data Integration; Health Appraisal Results)
  • NCQA—PHM 2 Element D (Segmentation)

Our HRA helps you prove to accrediting bodies that your program is able to:

  • Measure health risk
  • Segment or stratify populations
  • Target interventions
  • Provide health education and self-management tools

NCQA Certified

Wellsource is a certified vendor with National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). We were the first health appraisal vendor to be certified by the NCQA and have received certification continuously since 2008. This certification signals our commitment to providing a best-in-class solution based on industry best practices and evidence-based research that will support health and improve outcomes.