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NCQA Certified

Seeking NCQA accreditation?

Choose Wellsource with confidence.

Wellsource is recognized by NCQA for always striving to reach the highest level of quality.

Read more in NCQA’s case study.

Wellsource meets NCQA’s Wellness and Health Promotion (WHP) certification requirements for Health Appraisals and Self-Management Tools.

Organizations who use our products automatically receive credit for NCQA certifications in Health Appraisal and Self-Management Tool requirements.

NCQA is the “gold standard” for wellness and health promotion products, and Wellsource is proud to have received NCQA certification continuously since 2008. The certification is a testament to our commitment to quality and relentless focus on empowering individuals to enjoy healthy lifestyles that prevent chronic disease and reduce healthcare costs.

We met the requirements for WHP 5 (Health Appraisals) and WHP 7 (Self-Management Tools), which include WHP 3 (Privacy and Confidentiality) and WHP 13 (Measuring Effectiveness). Clients undergoing their own NCQA accreditation can save considerable time and effort by receiving credit for all of the areas in which we have NCQA certifications.

  • WHP 5 is the equivalent of PHM 4, Elements A through G
  • WHP 7 is the equivalent of PHM 4, Elements F through K