Health Standards for Wellsource Products

When the young Dr. Don Hall used a 1970s-era computer to calculate health risk factors for his patients, he realized it was a tipping point in health education and preventive care. Web-based software helped him reach more people with his message of health. Guided by an entrepreneurial spirit, he launched Wellsource, Inc. and the nation’s first computer-based health risk assessment (HRA).

Today, Wellsource exists to promote healthy lifestyles to all people around the world. Our approach to health will always be grounded in solid science and extend beyond merely identifying risk. Our products create teachable moments that allow us to educate individuals on how to achieve optimal health.


Solid Science

All Wellsource products are based on sound scientific research published in peer-reviewed literature, as well as recommendations made by the best health and medical organizations available, such as the National Institute of Health (NIH), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF), the American Heart Association (AHA), the American Cancer Society (ACS), and other recognized authorities. Our Health and Research team continually reviews new scientific research, and turns those outcomes into evidence-based algorithms and educational content.

Optimal Health

Wellsource products are designed to enhance health and longevity, based on a multi-dimensional concept that includes body, mind, and community. Optimal health occurs when all dimensions of health are developed to their full capacity and are working together harmoniously:

Of course, optimal health is determined by many factors, including:

  • Inherited genetic potential
  • Personal choices resulting in a healthy or unhealthy lifestyle
  • Exposure to harmful microbes and substances
  • Availability of preventive and remedial health care
  • The social and physical environment in which a person is raised and lives

Optimal health through lifestyle choices is an integral concept in our own corporate culture. It informs our actions to support a healthy environment that encourages employees to identify and achieve their own wellness goals.

Our recommendations for optimal health are similar to that of one of our strategic partners – the American College of Lifestyle Medicine – which outlines six ways to improve health.

“Wellsource data holds the key to our success in moving individuals toward healthier lifestyles. Their data reports help us identify individuals who are willing to make needed changes so they can enjoy optimal health.”​

~ Wellsource customer

Teachable Moments

The Wellsource approach to health extends beyond merely identifying risk. Our products create teachable moments for wellness managers and their populations.

Wellsource HRA data helps wellness managers focus on factors that will most positively impact their populations and their bottom lines. We do this by assessing risk factors and change readiness, and tracking health trends in their populations.

What is it like to take a Wellsource HRA?

Follow along in the video example below as a participant completes the assessment — from work, from home, on her mobile device — and see what she learns along the way.

Our products also educate individuals on how to achieve optimal health. They give each participant an objective overview of their lifestyle risks. This helps them more accurately assess their present health status and be open to needed health improvements. Most people think they are doing “fine.” But after reviewing a personalized health assessment report – tailored to their responses and health habits – many will realize they may not be fine and need to start taking better care of themselves.

Modeling High Health Standards

Wellsource represents these health standards – scientific accuracy, optimal living, and health education – in the marketplace and promotes them to the world through our products. We believe it is equally important to teach and promote them within our own company culture. It’s one reason we’ve been recognized as one of Oregon’s Healthiest Employers every year that we’ve applied.

We encourage wellness professionals to demonstrate the disciplines of healthy living in their own lives and reinforce the benefits of positive lifestyle choices to the populations they serve.