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An estimated 45 percent of all Americans set New Year’s Resolutions. According to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, the top resolutions are: Lose weight Eat healthier Quit smoking Spend more time with family Get organized Get out of debt Most people go about it in a casual way and, ultimately, fail. […]

At least once a year, you probably ask your members, patients or wellness program participants to complete a health assessment questionnaire. It’s a valuable way to help individuals identify their own health risks and encourage healthy lifestyle habits. The health assessment questionnaire also provides you with useful data about the health of your population. But […]

Check the stats. Go over your game plan. Make a course correction to achieve your wellness goals. They’re the kind of moves you make when your population completes a health risk assessment and you evaluate the data. In this high-stakes game of wellness and disease prevention, you’re going to face off against the toughest team […]

There’s at least one in every wellness program. Sometimes it’s the wellness coordinator who’s lean and mean, positive, and practically eats kale for a living. Sometimes it’s the hard-charging CEO who never misses a workout and avoids fast food, despite a hectic schedule. And sometimes it’s an employee, participant, or member who sets an example […]

As more and more companies take advantage of corporate wellness programs like those offered by Wellsource, the most skeptical business executives and financial managers are scrutinizing the cost-benefit of bringing a health program to their organization, and are wondering how such a program will impact their bottom line. Research shows that health and wellness initiatives […]