Lauren Smith

Lauren Smith manages the Quality Assurance department here at Wellsource. In this capacity his goals are to illuminate the state of quality of our products, implement and innovate the correct mindset for testing, and build his employees’ careers. He also contributes to the Wellsource quality strategy in the areas of processes, product development, hiring, and management.

Lauren has worked in the software industry for 18 years—11 of them at Wellsource. He has always had an affinity for testing work and was happy to find a leadership role where he could help contribute to the software development effort through testing and mentoring.

“I have devoted so many years to Wellsource because working at Wellsource has literally changed my life,” says Lauren. “Understanding wellness and applying the concepts I’ve learned at work keep me on a path where I can be the best version of myself.”

The Wellsource value of optimal health is essential to Lauren. Integrity is also critical. He would be unable to work somewhere long-term that did not act with integrity.

Lauren’s first love is his wife and kids. After that he spends as much time as he can kayak fishing in the Great Pacific Northwest’s ocean, bays, rivers, and lakes.