John Kiser

John Kiser oversees all software development projects and teams, as well as IT projects. John is a certified scrum master, which attests to his knowledge of the scrum framework for implementing agile software solutions and coaching and leading teams of technology professionals. He also maintains a technology and business blog.

Since 2005, John has managed software and IT teams of 5-12 technology professionals building mission-critical software products and technology solutions. He held a CTO position and was a Development & IT department head at a Bay Area fulfillment and software services company from 2014 to 2018. He has been gaining hands-on enterprise software and IT solutions experience since 1998.

The Wellsource values that are important to John are integrity and passion. “Success without integrity is short-lived and lonely,” says John. “Passion is central for engaging a team and producing truly exceptional results. It resonates and amplifies the positive relationships between team members who truly love the work they do each day.” 

John loves trying out new healthy recipes on his family and friends. John also enjoys the visual arts, and frequently visits galleries and other art events. He’s an avid reader and likes to keep up with current events.