James Bennett

James Bennett is the main point of contact for our clients. His team handles questions ranging from product to billing to customer support inquiries. James is personally responsible for client integration and onboarding. He works closely with the Software Development and Quality Assurance teams during the release, planning, and testing process.

With 14 years of experience in various customer facing roles, James has worked closely with clients from all over the world and has a deep understanding of the dedication required to make sure his clients are successful.

The Wellsource values that are of utmost importance to James are teamwork and integrity. “It’s important to me that clients see me as a member of their team and not just someone providing a service,” he says. “And integrity is critical to creating a strong bond with clients.”

James and his family like to hike on weekends. He recently introduced backpacking to his kids. James also runs and swims to stay in shape. In the past he has completed marathons and triathlons and is beginning to train for these again now that his kids are a little older.