Chris McReynolds

Chris McReynolds works to ensure we have a compelling vision of the future and a team of excellent, highly engaged employees who work well together to make that vision a reality. He strives to put his employees first and safeguard work-life balance while achieving business goals.

Optimal health is the Wellsource value that means the most to Chris. “At Wellsource, we provide more than just money for retirement. I think of the things we teach at Wellsource as contributing to a kind of ‘health account’ that we provide to our employees. And every time someone chooses to make a healthy change in their lives, they are making a deposit in that account,” says Chris. “Someday, many years from now, our employees will have a substantial ‘health balance’ to draw from as they enjoy healthy, productive retirement years that are full of life.”

Chris attended Corban University and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a B.S. in Social Science and a minor in Psychology. He joined the Wellsource team in 2012 as Chief Operating Officer, and by 2016 had risen to Chief Executive Officer. Prior to Wellsource, Chris worked at Enterprise for ten years where he learned a lot about how to value customers and employees and manage diverse teams of people. He also realized the importance of investing in your product to make it the best it can be.

Chris and his wife of 20 years have three boys, ages 10 to 15.  He is passionate about his family and spends his time tangibly involved in their lives. Right now that means coaching youth basketball in the winter, paragliding in the summer, and spending quality time with his wife year round.