An estimated 45 percent of all Americans set New Year’s Resolutions. According to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, the top resolutions are: Lose weight Eat healthier Quit smoking Spend more time with family Get organized Get out of debt Most people go about it in a casual way and, ultimately, fail. […]

Chris McReynolds, CEO of Wellsource, joined healthcare consultant Lonnie Hirsch for a podcast interview about health risk assessments. They discussed the history of the HRA, its evolution over the years, and how it plays a key role in population health today. Listen to the 24 minute interview at   Highlights 0:50  The HRA originated […]

At least once a year, you probably ask your members, patients or wellness program participants to complete a health assessment questionnaire. It’s a valuable way to help individuals identify their own health risks and encourage healthy lifestyle habits. The health assessment questionnaire also provides you with useful data about the health of your population. But […]

Health risk assessment data to help your team

Check the stats. Go over your game plan. Make a course correction to achieve your wellness goals. They’re the kind of moves you make when your population completes a health risk assessment and you evaluate the data. In this high-stakes game of wellness and disease prevention, you’re going to face off against the toughest team […]

Fusion HR upgrades wellness portal

The Ireland-based wellness company Fusion HR recently launched an updated version of its wellness portal, Health House. This is an interactive personal health risk assessment wellness portal designed to support businesses implementing wellness programs within their organizations. In 2013, the Irish government published the Healthy Ireland Framework. The report prompted employers to increase their focus on promoting health […]