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Wellsource CEO, Chris McReynolds shares his insights on the importance of health data

August 14, 2019 — Health and wellness professionals can describe the high cost conditions prevalent in their populations. They also can tell you that the best time to intervene is before a person enters a chronic disease state… continue reading

The CEO of Wellsource weighs in on the importance of keeping workers healthy

July 30, 2019 — Dear CEOs of America: Chris McReynolds, chief executive officer, Wellsource has a challenge for you. It’s time to move. Literally. One foot in front of the other. Let’s take a walk together … continue reading

Committing to a Culture of Wellness From the Top Down is Necessary to Create Lasting Results

July 23, 2019 — More than half of all adults in the U.S. have a chronic disease which could have been prevented. By failing to actively participate in and promote healthy habits, C-suite executives are partly to blame. “It is our duty as business leaders to be a model of health for our employees,” says Chris McReynolds, chief executive officer, Wellsource. … continue reading

July 2, 2019 — Workplace wellness programs are on the rise with almost half of all employers offering some type of health promotion or wellness program in 2017. And these programs work. 

However, arbitrarily implementing a workplace wellness program cannot ensure engagement nor successful outcomes. What is the key to success? continue reading

May 21, 2019 — There is no piece of data more important than self-reported data. Why? Because what an individual has to say about themselves matters.

Some healthcare professionals cringe at that word: self-report. Asking the person to provide details about themselves—their health, their habits, their lifestyle, their feelings—is riddled with potential bias. Can we trust people to be honest? continue reading

May 15, 2019 — Enterprise Wellness can be called an activity or any policy designed by an organization intended to provide a healthy atmosphere at the workplace and in turn to improve employee health.

According to a study conducted by Harvard economists, absenteeism costs fall by USD 2.73 for every dollar spent on wellness programs. The total costs related to lost productivity due to absenteeism related to illnesses are expected to cross USD 150 billion over the forecast period. continue reading

PORTLAND, Ore., May 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — For maximizing health outcomes in its Medicare population, Moda Health, an Oregon-based health plan provider, has replaced a manual Health Risk Assessment (HRA) process with an online tool from Wellsource, a premier provider of evidenced-based, NCQA-certified HRA and self-management tools. The Wellsource® WellSuite® IV HRA for Medicare has improved efficiency for both the health plan provider and its Medicare plan members to help facilitate better healthcare decisions. continue reading

May 02, 2019 — You’ve already done your data analysis and identified some health habits that need to be changed in your population. Now you are tasked with engaging them in wellness. How do you get individuals to engage in behavior change? … continue reading

PORTLAND, Ore., April 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Good lifestyle habits are positively associated with happiness and mental health, according to data from Wellsource. The company examined self-reported HRA data from more than 270,000 individuals from the ages of 18 to 85 to see what influences mental health, specifically happiness. Their published data review provides recommendations for population health professionals … continue reading

PHILADELPHIA, March 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — POPULATION HEALTH COLLOQUIUM  – In the most recent NIMH report, 6.7 percent of U.S. adults had experienced a major depressive episode in the past year, but that statistic may be much higher according to Wellsource, a premier provider of evidenced-based Health Risk Assessments (HRAs) and self-management tools. Drawn from a sample of 1.6 million HRAs, the company’s data shows that more than… continue reading

PORTLAND, Ore., Feb. 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — As healthcare providers and plans continue to focus on curbing costs in 2019, adopting the best practices and technologies for a more preventive-based approach to health is a priority. To help organizations address this priority, Wellsource, a premier provider of evidence-based Health Risk Assessments (HRA) and self-management tools, has maintained certifications from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) for Health Appraisals and Self-Management Tools since NCQA released… continue reading

Feb 7, 2019 — The wellness industry is complex and the most effective employee wellness programs find the sweet spot where science and technology meet the human touch. This is where behavior change happens. Getting there takes a top-notch health assessment partner who uses a scientific, evidence-based approach to gain a deeper understanding into employee health status, level of risk and readiness to change. We’ve compiled the following list of 8 companies, in alphabetical order, who are best-in-class … continue reading