Wellsource has been a premier provider of the most scientific, evidence-based health risk assessment solutions and wellness tools for nearly four decades – making us one of the longest serving and most experienced companies in the industry.

Our Mission

For nearly 40 years, Wellsource has been on a mission. A mission to empower people to enjoy the longest, most satisfying, and productive quality of life possible. To be well, stay well, and reduce risk for early death from preventable disease. All the while enabling organizations to lower health claims, reduce absenteeism, increase productivity, and reduce unnecessary use of expensive healthcare services.

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Our History

Based in Portland, Oregon, Wellsource, Inc. pioneered the concept of computer-assisted wellness. In 1979, Dr. Don Hall, founder of Wellsource, created one of the first Health Risk Assessment (HRA) software programs for use on a personal computer – a contribution that landed him in the January 1983 issue of Time Magazine honoring innovative computer users. Online HRA systems followed in 2000.

Today, our purpose remains the same: to serve as the first step to population health and wellness by using the power of technology to promote disease prevention. We have a strong reputation for scientific validity and reliability due to our evidence-based approach. This is at the core of everything we do.

We continue to offer innovative, evidence-based health assessments and online wellness tools that contribute to a healthy bottom line. Our unique design paradigm has changed the way a user interacts with health assessments.

Our Core Values

  • Optimal Health—We will empower individuals to live the highest quality of life possible by helping them connect their lifestyle habits to their physical, mental, and social wellbeing. We will enable healthcare providers and wellness service providers to identify, intercept, and prevent health problems before they occur with evidence-based actionable data.
  • Excellence—We continuously strive for excellence in our people, in our product, and in the level of service we provide to our clients. We will exceed customer expectations, provide exemplary service, and continually strive to improve.
  • Integrity—We will do the right thing, even if no one will notice.
  • Passion—We have a deep-seated and intense belief in what we are doing – not only the good we are trying to achieve in the world but also the way in which we are doing it. This belief creates strong enthusiasm inside us as we approach our work and creates a dedication to doing it right.
  • Innovation—As we design and develop our product, we will anticipate what our customer needs before they know they need it.
  • Teamwork—We will approach our work with an attitude of service toward others and be willing to sacrifice personally for the good of the organization and our clients.

Since our founding we have helped thousands of organizations representing millions of individuals achieve better health outcomes and reduce costs. Every minute, someone in the world completes the WellSuite® Health Risk Assessment.