Wellsource is the longest serving and most experienced company in the health risk assessment industry.

Four decades ago, Wellsource founder Dr. Don Hall combined two of his passions – health education and technology – to create the first computerized health appraisal in the United States. His innovation helped fuel a thriving health and wellness industry.

Today, Wellsource continues to harness the power of technology to create scientific, evidence-based health risk assessment solutions and wellness tools that deliver actionable data so health and wellness professionals can achieve better outcomes.

Over the years, Wellsource has adopted technological advances that provide an impressive user experience on any platform or device. All WellSuite® HRAs are mobile friendly, NCQA certified, compatible with any electronic health record system, and customizable to offer a personalized experience.

Who We Serve

Professionals throughout the health and wellness industry use the WellSuite® IV Health Risk Assessment and WellSuite® IV Health Shelf® Self-Management Tool to stay compliant, improve population health, and prioritize resources to reduce costs. Wellsource serves clients around the globe including:

  • Wellness companies
  • Health plans and hospitals
  • Healthcare providers
  • Employers
  • Accountable care organizations
  • Brokers

Meet the Wellsource Leadership Team

Chris McReynolds

Chief Executive Officer

Brittany U. Carter, DHSc, MPH

Director of Health & Research

Noah Kriel

Director of Finance

Alyssa Carter

Director of Marketing

Lauren Smith

Director of Quality Assurance

John Kiser

Director of Software

George Bumpus III Circle_300

George Bumpus III

Director of Sales

James Bennett

Director of Client Services

Agnes Pagán

Human Resources Generalist

Wellsource Mission

Wellsource empowers people to enjoy the longest, most satisfying, and productive quality of life possible. To be well, stay well, and reduce risk for early death from preventable disease. All the while enabling organizations to lower health claims, reduce absenteeism, increase productivity, and reduce unnecessary use of expensive healthcare services. Wellsource has been working toward this mission for 40 years—ever since its founder, Dr. Don Hall, created the Health Risk Assessment (HRA) software program.

Wellsource Timeline


Don R. Hall, DrPH, CHES develops the first computerized health risk assessment (HRA). It includes a focus on fitness, stress, and nutritional information. Read more…

Time magazine 1983 Dr. Don Hall1983

Time magazine features Dr. Hall in its “Machine of the Year” issue as a technology pioneer for designing computerized HRAs and wellness tools.


Wellsource begins doing
business internationally.


Wellsource introduces its first online HRA.


Wellsource introduces its monthly WellNotes® newsletter and Health Challenge™ participant engagement tool.

2010 Wellsource launches WellnessRx®, a newsletter for the corporate wellness community.


Dr. Hall participates on the Content and Design Panel at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that helped inform guidelines for Medicare HRAs.


Wellsource launches its customizable WellSuite® IV Health Risk Assessment for the Workforce.


Wellsource launches WellSuite® IV Health Risk Assessments for Medicare and Medicaid that meet state and federal requirements for health literacy and areas of focus.


Wellsource enters the Middle East market. 


Wellsource launches WellSuite® IV Health Shelf®, a comprehensive self-management tool.


Wellsource wins a Gold Aster Award for the Health Challenge™ series.


  • Wellsource is a founding member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine Corporate Roundtable.
  • Wellsource wins Oregon’s Healthiest Employer Award (2nd place for small businesses).
  • Wellsource wins a National Health Information Award for WellSuite® IV Health Shelf®.


NCQA logo

Wellsource receives NCQA Certification for Wellness & Health Promotion products for the 10th year in a row.


Wellsource headquarters relocate to Tualatin, Oregon to accommodate a growing team and client base.


Wellsource celebrates 40 years as the premier developer of tools for healthy living. 

Read more about Wellsource History.


Wellsource wins an Oregon’s Healthiest Employer Award for the 6th consecutive year in the category of 2-99 employees.

Learn more about WellSuite® HRAs. Download these products sheets.

Wellsource Health Risk Assessments

WellSuite® IV Health Risk Assessment for the Workforce

Wellsource Health Risk Assessment

WellSuite® IV Health Risk Assessment for the
Non-U.S. Workforce

Medicare Health Risk Assessment

WellSuite® IV Health Risk Assessment for Medicare

WellSuite® IV Health Risk Assessment for Medicaid

Wellsource Core Values

core value health

Optimal health. We will empower individuals to live the highest quality of life possible by helping them connect their lifestyle habits to their physical, mental, and social wellbeing. We will enable healthcare providers, wellness service providers, and population health managers to identify, intercept, and prevent health problems before they occur with evidence-based actionable data that enables compliance with value-based regulations.

Excellence. We continuously strive for excellence in our people, in our product, and in the level of service we provide to our clients. We will exceed customer expectations, provide exemplary service, and continually strive to improve.

Integrity. We will do the right thing, even if no one will notice.

Passion. We have a deep-seated and intense belief in what we are doing – not only the good we are trying to achieve in the world but also the way in which we are doing it. This belief creates strong enthusiasm inside us as we approach our work and creates a dedication to doing it right.

Innovation. As we design and develop our product, we will anticipate what our customer needs before they know they need it.

Teamwork. We will approach our work with an attitude of service toward others and be willing to sacrifice personally for the good of the organization and our clients.

Chris McReynolds

Chris McReynolds works to ensure we have a compelling vision of the future and a team of excellent, highly engaged employees who work well together to make that vision a reality. He strives to put his employees first and safeguard work-life balance while achieving business goals.

Optimal health is the Wellsource value that means the most to Chris. “At Wellsource, we provide more than just money for retirement. I think of the things we teach at Wellsource as contributing to a kind of ‘health account’ that we provide to our employees. And every time someone chooses to make a healthy change in their lives, they are making a deposit in that account,” says Chris. “Someday, many years from now, our employees will have a substantial ‘health balance’ to draw from as they enjoy healthy, productive retirement years that are full of life.”

Chris attended Corban University and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a B.S. in Social Science and a minor in Psychology. He joined the Wellsource team in 2012 as Chief Operating Officer, and by 2016 had risen to Chief Executive Officer. Prior to Wellsource, Chris worked at Enterprise for ten years where he learned a lot about how to value customers and employees and manage diverse teams of people. He also realized the importance of investing in your product to make it the best it can be.

Chris and his wife of 20 years have three boys, ages 10 to 15.  He is passionate about his family and spends his time tangibly involved in their lives. Right now that means coaching youth basketball in the winter, paragliding in the summer, and spending quality time with his wife year round.

Brittany U. Carter, DHSc, MPH

Dr. Brittany U. Carter ensures the trustworthiness of our health risk assessments by using evidence-based methods to uphold the scientific integrity of new and existing products. She also leads original research projects using large sets of observational data and represents Wellsource in publications and presentations.

Dr. Carter has over 15 years of experience in evidence-based practice, specifically conducting systematic reviews used to inform health recommendations, clinical practice guidelines, and health initiatives and policies. She has co-authored numerous systematic reviews evaluating the benefits and harms of various prevention interventions including cancer screening, behavioral counseling, and chemoprevention. She has also published original research advancing the methods of systematic review and guideline development.

She earned a Doctor of Health Science from A.T. Still University and a Master of Public Health from Portland State University. As a health professional, excellence and integrity are the values most important to Dr. Carter. “It’s so important that those of us entrusted with the wellbeing of others do our absolute best to provide meaningful solutions,” she says.

Dr. Carter enjoys extreme sports like downhill mountain biking, skiing, and snowboarding on Mt. Hood, and riding around on her ATV on the sand dunes of the Oregon Coast.

Noah Kriel

Noah Kriel oversees all finance, accounting, human resources, and administration of the company. He works to foster the right mix of business stability, growth, and emphasis toward building a fantastic company culture. 

He has over 15 years of accounting and organization leadership experience, leading the financial operations of both small and large organizations. Prior to joining Wellsource, Noah served as the Controller for an International Supply Chain Management and Logistics company, based out of Portland. 

Noah identifies with all of Wellsource’s values, but teamwork, excellence, and integrity are the three that he works daily to ensure Wellsource most exemplifies. 

When Noah isn’t working he likes to spend time with his family, first and foremost. He also enjoys kayak fishing all over the Pacific Northwest.

Alyssa Carter

Alyssa Carter manages the Wellsource brand and increases awareness of our mission. She is directly responsible for fostering our growth and image and helping prospective customers understand the value and experience Wellsource brings to the industry.

With more than ten years of experience helping to grow small and mid-sized tech companies, Alyssa came to Wellsource in 2017 when looking for a new opportunity that was more in line with her personal values and interests around health and wellness. She aligns strongly with Wellsource’s core values, especially optimal health and passion.

“I think it’s imperative to be passionate about the work you do as it ultimately brings the most value and energy into your work,” says Alyssa.

Outside of work Alyssa loves staying active, whether it’s going on hikes with her two dogs, teaching her kickboxing class, or going for a run. A native Oregonian, she loves taking advantage of all that the Pacific Northwest has to offer, from camping and backpacking to trying new restaurants.

Lauren Smith

Lauren Smith manages the Quality Assurance department here at Wellsource. In this capacity his goals are to illuminate the state of quality of our products, implement and innovate the correct mindset for testing, and build his employees’ careers. He also contributes to the Wellsource quality strategy in the areas of processes, product development, hiring, and management.

Lauren has worked in the software industry for 18 years—11 of them at Wellsource. He has always had an affinity for testing work and was happy to find a leadership role where he could help contribute to the software development effort through testing and mentoring.

“I have devoted so many years to Wellsource because working at Wellsource has literally changed my life,” says Lauren. “Understanding wellness and applying the concepts I’ve learned at work keep me on a path where I can be the best version of myself.”

The Wellsource value of optimal health is essential to Lauren. Integrity is also critical. He would be unable to work somewhere long-term that did not act with integrity.

Lauren’s first love is his wife and kids. After that he spends as much time as he can kayak fishing in the Great Pacific Northwest’s ocean, bays, rivers, and lakes.

John Kiser

John Kiser oversees all software development projects and teams, as well as IT projects. John is a certified scrum master, which attests to his knowledge of the scrum framework for implementing agile software solutions and coaching and leading teams of technology professionals. He also maintains a technology and business blog.

Since 2005, John has managed software and IT teams of 5-12 technology professionals building mission-critical software products and technology solutions. He held a CTO position and was a Development & IT department head at a Bay Area fulfillment and software services company from 2014 to 2018. He has been gaining hands-on enterprise software and IT solutions experience since 1998.

The Wellsource values that are important to John are integrity and passion. “Success without integrity is short-lived and lonely,” says John. “Passion is central for engaging a team and producing truly exceptional results. It resonates and amplifies the positive relationships between team members who truly love the work they do each day.” 

John loves trying out new healthy recipes on his family and friends. John also enjoys the visual arts, and frequently visits galleries and other art events. He’s an avid reader and likes to keep up with current events.

George Bumpus III Circle_goofy_300

George Bumpus III

George leads the Wellsource sales team, and enjoys the opportunity to work face-to-face with population health professionals in the field every day.

George was born and raised in Needham, MA just outside of Boston before migrating west to attend the University of Oregon, where he obtained his Bachelor of Arts from the Charles H. Lindquist College of Business. He has a diverse professional background which includes financial analysis and advising, compliance, software sales, and sales leadership roles.

Prior to joining Wellsource he worked at one of the fastest growing compliance technology SaaS firms in Portland. When George recieved the opportunity to join the Wellsource team, he recognized that it was a unique chance to work for the the leader in health risk assessment software, and a chance to work in the health and wellness—a field George is extremely passionate about.

George’s enthusiasm for fitness and being active brings him to train competitively and competes in local and regional fitness and powerlifting competitions. When he isn’t doing that, you can find him on a golf course somewhere, playing locally with the dream of taking a golf trip to Scotland and Ireland.

Being from Boston, George is a die-hard Patriots, Bruins, Sox, and Celtics fan to go along with his beloved University of Oregon Ducks.

James Bennett

James Bennett is the main point of contact for our clients. His team handles questions ranging from product to billing to customer support inquiries. James is personally responsible for client integration and onboarding. He works closely with the Software Development and Quality Assurance teams during the release, planning, and testing process.

With 14 years of experience in various customer facing roles, James has worked closely with clients from all over the world and has a deep understanding of the dedication required to make sure his clients are successful.

The Wellsource values that are of utmost importance to James are teamwork and integrity. “It’s important to me that clients see me as a member of their team and not just someone providing a service,” he says. “And integrity is critical to creating a strong bond with clients.”

James and his family like to hike on weekends. He recently introduced backpacking to his kids. James also runs and swims to stay in shape. In the past he has completed marathons and triathlons and is beginning to train for these again now that his kids are a little older.

Agnes Pagan

Agnes Pagán fosters the Wellsource company culture in two primary ways. First, she attracts, engages, and develops our most important asset—our people. She also cultivates our upbeat work atmosphere through planning and organizing company-wide events, as well as administering our wellness program.

Agnes has over eight years of human resource experience in industries ranging from staffing to logistics. In her previous HR positions, she was instrumental in recruitment and talent acquisition, employee engagement and relations, and compensation and benefits administration.

Agnes identifies with the Wellsource core value of passion, and says “I want Wellsource to be the best place that our employees have ever worked for.”

When Agnes isn’t working she likes to spend time with her family. They love watching sports together, especially cheering on her older son at football games, as well as dancing (including the occasional dance off).