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Wellcomplete® for population health

Gather the actionable health and lifestyle data you need to better understand your workforce, Medicare, or Medicaid population’s health risks and inform programs to improve health habits over time.

Wellactivate® for patient acquisition

Drive patient acquisition and engage existing patients with condition-targeted health assessments and surveys for service line growth. Help patients self-identify their need for care.

Introducing Wellactivate®

The newest offering from Wellsource: condition-specific health assessments for healthcare marketing and patient acquisition.

Why Wellsource for Quality Health Risk Assessments?

Why Wellsource for Quality Health Risk Assessments? ​

Quality Data to Drive Better Health Outcomes

Wellsource products are designed to gather the self-reported health and lifestyle data needed to get a full understanding of an individual’s health and well-being.

Relentless in our Pursuit of Excellent User Experience

At Wellsource, we know that success in your HRA programs begin with making an HRA that is intuitive, engaging, and encourages high completion rates.  

Evidence-based Health Risk Standards

All Wellsource products are based on sound scientific research published in peer-reviewed literature, as well as recommendations made by the best health and medical organizations available. 

Ultimate Guide to HRAs

The secret to wellness program success? Understanding your population. Begin by administering a quality health risk assessment.

About Wellsource

We leverage technology to deliver innovative, evidence-based health risk assessments that give our clients the data they need to transform lives.

For four decades, our mission has been to empower people to enjoy the longest, most satisfying, and productive quality of life possible.

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