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Wellsource is the longest serving and most experienced company in the health risk assessment industry.

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For four decades, Wellsource has been personalizing population health by designing innovative Health Risk Assessments that are grounded in modern evidence-based medicine. Wellsource uses the power of technology to drive informed decisions with actionable data for health plans, wellness organizations, and companies committed to improving wellness. 

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Wellsource sets high standards for quality and improvement.

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Professionals throughout the health and wellness industry use the WellSuite® IV Health Risk Assessment and WellSuite IV Health Shelf® Self-Management Tool to stay compliant, improve population health, and prioritize resources to reduce costs.

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Happiness, Habits, & Health

Which lifestyle habits, nutritional choices, and social factors make us happy? Wellsource analyzed health risk assessment responses from more than 270,000 individuals to find out. 

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Today, Wellsource continues to harness the power of technology to create scientific, evidence-based health risk assessment solutions and wellness tools that deliver actionable data so health and wellness professionals can achieve better outcomes and compliance.

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What makes us happy? Wellsource looked at HRA responses from more than 270,000 individuals to find out.