WellSuite® IV Health Risk Assessment for Medicaid


In-Depth Insights from Targeted Questions

Improve participant well-being with more focused data.

The WellSuite® IV Health Risk Assessment for Medicaid helps health plans and healthcare providers predict future health costs. It identifies individual risk factors for preventable chronic conditions – and an individual’s readiness to change. It recognizes the unique needs of many Medicaid recipients, such as poor health profiles, lower literacy rates, higher levels of substance abuse, and inadequate nutrition.

Three-way dimensional branching logic adjusts content with each successive response, reducing time spent answering the questions. Our health risk assessment collects the right information to help you understand and evaluate which socio-economic issues and lifestyle behaviors have the greatest impact on an individual’s future health so you can pinpoint and prioritize the best interventions for each person.


Actionable Data in Simple Terms

Take your population’s health to new heights with clear results.

The WellSuite IV Health Risk Assessment for Medicaid goes beyond just reporting answers.

  • The personal report is visually engaging and explains risk factors and simple ways that healthy habits can be incorporated into their daily routine.
  • A physician summary displays the individual’s answers, including their stage of readiness to change.

Administrators and analysts can perform deep analysis on raw data for their population any time.

With its NCQA certification, the health risk assessment for Medicaid continues to meet the Member Connections standard for MEM 1 and the highest quality standards for health information products. It adheres to the 37 elements of CMS recommendations for health appraisals and is compliant with the privacy requirements of HIPAA, including the HITECH amendments and GINA.


Solid Data and Clear Next Steps for Today’s Medicaid Population

Identify risk for preventable disease and intervene before they take root.

Our Health Risk Assessment for Medicaid was built on nearly four decades of experience in creating effective, innovative, scientifically valid wellness tools. It is written at an engaging and respectful fourth grade reading level and meets state requirements. This ensures readability and understandability for most people. It is deliverable online, in paper, and over the phone.

Download the WellSuite® IV Health Risk Assessment for Medicaid product sheet

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