Health Assessments and Wellness Technologies

Wellsource, Inc. has been a leading provider of Health Assessment solutions and wellness tools for over 35 years. Based in Portland, Oregon, Wellsource pioneered the concept of computer-assisted wellness. Over the years, the mission of Wellsource has remained the same: to promote health, prevent disease, increase productivity, and enhance the quality of life of our participants. Today we offer an innovative suite of products that have redefined wellness technology. The unique design paradigm of the WellSuite® IV platform forever changes the way a user interacts with a health risk assessment.

We have spent nearly four decades researching and enhancing our Health Risk Assessments and Self-management Tools. Continually keeping up-to-date with new scientific research, our staff of health experts are the best at turning those outcomes into evidence-based algorithms and educational content. Our research staff has examined thousands of peer-reviewed, published health studies and government guidelines to prepare and present the most balanced Health Risk Assessments, informative reports, and engaging content in the industry.


Certified Wellness Products

Wellsource, Inc. meets NCQA’s HIP certification standards for Health Appraisals and Self-Management Tools. For Health Plans, this certification satisfies MEM 1 and MEM 2 requirements.

HIP 1 Certification for Health Appraisals
All Wellsource health assessments – including its commercial, Medicaid, and Medicare assessments – meet NCQA’s MEM 1 requirements for Health Appraisals.

HIP 2 Certification for Self-Management Tools
Wellsource also received NCQA certification for its MEM 2 Self-Management Tools, which include interactive Mini-Assessments, Articles, and How-To Guides.

The NCQA certification program provides organizations with best-practice standards to develop health-related tools and products such as the Wellsource® Health Assessments and Self-Management Tools. Established to improve the quality of healthcare products and services, the NCQA certification process ensures that HRAs and other wellness tools demonstrate compliance in the areas of: scope (addressing the most critical topics), disclosures, formats, and frequency. Companies undergoing certification must also commit to an ongoing, well documented review and update process.

NCQA Seals


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